About Us


The Group owes its humble beginning to the vision of 4 technocrats who in year 1975 laid the foundation of the group with Sharayu Precision. Over the years, understanding the need of our customers for precision stampings and assemblies, the Group added Metal Stamping and Tool making capabilities to its portfolio by establishing Associated Manufacturing Company, Pune in 1984 to expand its operations and product range, it established Gatiman Auto Pvt. Ltd., Indore in 1988. The group has strived constantly to understand the needs of its customers and the industry and has acquired product development capabilities and also added surface coating facilities.

Gatiman Group is dedicated to manufacturing of quality metal stampings, assemblies and FRP components. It offers tool and product engineering and contract manufacturing services. Our success comes from a well-qualified, highly trained and dedicated employee base. Gatiman boasts one of the highest engineers to technician’s ratio in the industry it works in. Gatiman enjoys a very good relationship with its customers and is involved early on in the product development cycle.

Under the aegis of Mr. Subhash Chuttar, Shyam Jain our promoter directors, the group has been doing path defining work by employing mentally and physically challenged individuals.

The contributions of the group are well acknowledged by the society and the Government of India and were honored with “NCPEDP-Shell Helen Keller Award” in 2003 & National Award by India’s honorable President, Dr. Abdul Kalam in 2004.



Each year, Gatiman group helps companies rush new products to market. These successful launches are the result of our skills in helping customers address all the intricacies of design, production, and testing early in the development process. It's precisely this experience that translates to saving our customer’s time, money, and ensuring that ever-important goal -- time to market.

We at Gatiman pride ourselves on creating teams of experts who specialize in all aspects of manufacturing:

  • Design and Engineering

  • Tool and Auxiliary Equipment Development

  • Production, Assembly, and Testing

  • Quality

  • Logistics
Quite simply, we apply our talents to help you get from the starting gate to the finish line.